Keyrus is a global premier partner of Alteryx which means we have a proven track record using it in many projects for leading brands all over the world. Our consultants will help you adopt the software and provide training services tailored to your business’ needs and challenges. This way we ensure maximum impact of analytics, data science and automation solutions.

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What is Alteryx?

  • software that allows you to automate data preparation and data integration
  • it loads, prepares, transforms and blends all kinds of data sources
  • collects data from several sources and combine it in a single, intuitive workflow to enrich it for further analysis without the need for coding

Features of Alteryx

  • safe time & money: automated data preparation ensures efficient spending of the available budget
  • easy drag-and-drop workflows with no scripting required
  • processing of different data sources
  • enabling predictive, geospatial and demographic analytics
  • smooth export to other business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Qlik and Power BI
  • NEW update in 2021: partnership between Snowflake & Alteryx

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