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Business Intelligence (BI) is focused on the gathering, categorizing and analyzing of relevant information in order to make business decisions based on data instead of guesswork and gut feelings. Our business intelligence and analytics services will lead you to an accelerated and continuous growth – with less risk.


With appropriate BI solutions enterprises turn all their data on customers, competitors, market trends and your operational processes into meaningful pieces of information. Armed with these this data-driven knowledge you are able to:

  • increase their organizational efficiency
  • reinvent customer experiences
  • improve employee satisfaction
  • quickly discover trends and new opportunities
  • generate greater revenue while simultaneously cutting down on costs

About us

Keyrus is a leading business intelligence consulting company that helps enterprises find and use the right tools and solutions to transform their data into valuable insights. With over 3200 employees in over 20 countries we are always near to advise banking, insurance, healthcare, industry and retail businesses on their digital transformation. Both global and local companies alike.

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About us

We are convinced that every company is a data company. So we turn that data into insights and value through various business intelligence services such as analyzing and consulting, implementing solutions and supporting companies with correct use and measurements. This way we establish sustainable results that keep driving your business forward. Whatever challenges you face.

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