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Data intelligence is the collection and analysis of all sorts of information in order to make the data comprehensible and ultimately use it to make better business decisions. By implementing the right technologies and solutions you discover new business opportunities, enhance your coworkers’ performance and improve customer satisfaction. It drives your business forward … but without the guesswork.


Data intelligence focuses on both customer and company centered data. Analyzing this data and incorporating the results benefits business in a variety of ways, such as:

  • increased operational efficiency with better time management and lower costs
  • increased revenue and margin through improved customer engagement
  • accelerated and sustainable future growth 

About us

We are Keyrus. We are a data intelligence, digital and business consulting company that helps you get the most out of your data. Whether in banking, insurance, healthcare or industry and retail, we strongly believe that each and every organization is full of valuable information. We have worked with leading businesses worldwide to turn that information into profitable insights and lay the foundation for a fruitful tomorrow.

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We take a pragmatic approach focused on value and results. Our consultants identify and analyse your needs and provide independent advice on the best fitting end-to-end technologies. Whether it comes to existing AI and machine learning tools or building custom software, we always deliver the best possible solutions within your budget. And with support after implementation, we ensure sustainable results that keep your business growing.


Are you ready to turn your own data into valuable insights? Let’s work together to engage clients, improve efficiency and discover new opportunities right away. We would love to hear what challenges you face and advise you on how data intelligence can help. Give us a call!

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