Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks

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While Artificial Intelligence is gradually transforming various aspects of our lives, many ignore that one particular technique is at the core of the spectacular changes we have witnessed in the recent years. This technique is called ‘Deep Learning’. It is a type of Machine Learning that uses algorithms based on the way human brain operates (Artificial Neural Networks) to solve complex tasks.

With this workshop, you will get a sound understanding of the mechanisms behind Neural Networks and you will discover how to implement them in practice. All the topics covered will be illustrated with real life use cases, so that participants will have a better understanding on how Deep Learning might help them solving their own business issues by building cutting-edge models.

Detailed content

Session 1: Introduction to Deep Learning (3h)

        • Introduction to Deep Learning and its use cases
        • Introduction to Neural Networks
        • Use case: Program your first Neural Network with Keras

Session 2: Everything you need to know about Neural Networks (3h)

        • Overview of the most important Neural Network features
        • Use case: Fine-tune your algorithms for optimal performances

Session 3: Advanced topics in Deep Learning (3h)

        • Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer Vision
        • Special types of Neural Networks and other advanced topics
        • Use case: Build a CNN for medical images recognition

Session 4: Build a full Deep Learning pipeline (3h)

        • Tips & tricks for your Deep Learning workflows.
        • Final use case: Kaggle competition

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