Keyrus is a premium partner of Qlik

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Keyrus is a premium partner of Qlik. We are happy to help you implement the Qlik software within your organization. Thanks to our expertise, we can advise and guide you. In addition, our certified consultants offer training on Qlik, so that organizations can get the most out of their data. The training courses are tailor-made and tailored to the wishes and needs of the organization.

What is Qlik?

Qlik offers self-service visualization and exploration (for individuals) that drives better understanding of information and more insight.  Streams of content allow people to easily publish and share their analytics, and data storytelling provides a means to communicate insights, with in-context links to live analysis for answering questions in real-time. Qlik offers a rich set of visualizations that offer new, innovative ways to convey meaning in data, and automatically respond to changes in context from user interactions across the entire application.

The strengths of Qlik:

  • Users of all skill levels can ask questions in any direction, through simple techniques such as search and selection, without having to be power users or analysts.
  • Full analytics platform with low TCO and fast rollout
  • Agility with governance including strong data (row, column and table security) and functional security (who can use).
  • All data is brought together and fully indexed to find all the possible associations in the data, across all your data sources.
  • With Qlik, you leave no data behind, even when combining large numbers of data sources

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