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How to improve occupation rate

VINCOTTE – Visualize team efficiency and occupancy

It is crucial to always have the latest information on occupancy rates of the teams, to constantly evaluate the efficiency of the planning, and be able to able to report and analyse the results as soon as possible after every month’s financial closing.

In the past, the business controllers had to go through a lengthy and cumbersome process every month to create the business reports. All the effort went in collecting and aggregating the figures; hardly any time was left for real analysis and investigation, and the duration of the process often made their analysis obsolete by the time they were ready.

By setting up an end-to-end fully automated reporting flow, the team has daily insights now, with more valuable details than previously possible, and better accuracy than ever before. Supported by visual and analytical dashboards, the controllers can do what they signed up for: analyse and improve the business!

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