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Keyrus is a global partner of Snowflake. For years we have been using the data platform for all kinds of projects around the world. Our consultants are happy to help you implement Snowflake within your organization. In addition, we also offer training courses that are tailored to the wishes, needs and challenges of the organization.

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What is Snowflake?

Analytical data warehouse provider as SaaS

  • No hardware to configure and to maintain
  • No software to install and to maintain, keeping to update
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Runs completely on cloud infrastructure (Azure, AWS, GCP)

Hybrid of traditional shared-disk database architecture and shared nothing database architecture

  • Usage of a central data repository
  • Usage of compute clusters working independently

Features of Snowflake

  • Very fast, even with complex analytic workloads
  • Eliminates manual work. Everything is in automatic management. The organization can focus again on the use of data instead of focusing on managing it.
  • Snowflake processes queries and tasks faster than on-premise and other cloud data warehouses.
  • Large amounts of data are processed efficiently, giving you the best performance.
  • Supports all types of data.
  • Data Cloud as unique selling point: Data Cloud makes it easy to share data via Snowflake to third party


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