Keyrus is a partner of TABLEAU

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Keyrus is a partner of Tableau Software. Do you want to implement Tableau Software within your organization? Keyrus is happy to help you to get the most out of your data. Thanks to our expertise, we can advise and guide you. In addition, we offer training courses that are precisely tailored to the wishes and needs of the organization.

What is TABLEAU?

Tableau Software is a data visualization platform in which you can explore and analyze data. With this software, decisions can be made easier and insights will be discovered faster. Raw data is quickly turned into understandable insights for both a data scientist and a student. The ease of use of Tableau software makes data analysis accessible to everyone.

The strengths of TABLEAU:

  • A secure, powerful and flexible end-to-end analysis platform
  • Fast analysis and actionable insights by drag-and-drop visualizations on your data
  • Tableau makes data analysis accessible to everyone.


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