Keyrus is a partner of tangent works

Create predictive models in seconds!

Keyrus is a partner of Tangent Works, using their software to easily create predictive models  for faster and better forecasting & anomaly detection.


Building and refining accurate predictive models was a laborious, iterative task that required a combination of domain and data science expertise and weeks/months of effort. There just aren’t enough data scientists in the world to meet the demands of a broad range of industries for which accurate and timely forecasts are essential to their competitiveness.

Tangent’s’ original concept was simple- what if we could build the model automatically by analyzing historical time-series data, including all the possible influencers, and figure out which data is relevant to the predicted output, in what combinations, over which time intervals. From that vision and a breakthrough architecture based on a field of mathematics known as “information geometry”, the Tangent Information Modeler, TIM, was born.

TIM has since been recognized as a winner in multiple competitions, including the Global Energy Forecasting Competition, GEFCom 2017, and the 2017 ANDRITZ Hackathon, which was focused on optimization and predictive maintenance for IoT applications.

Features of TANGENT WORKS:

  • High quality, explainable models
    • High quality automatic feature engineering while simultaneously adapting model structure and model parameters.
      Human-readable & transparent models
  • Continuously evolving data
    • Structural changes & Data Drifts
  • Any Circumstance
    • Changing data availability
      Sensor reading suddenly becoming unavailable
      Faulty sensors
  • Easy Deployment
    • TIM offers flexible deployment options. Easy integration with some of your favorite platforms.
  • Intuitive Interface
    • TIM offers a wide array of interfaces. Users looking for a streamlined graphical interface can find this in TIM Studio.
  • Platform integration
    • Integrate or deploy your projects with some of your favorite ML and Cloud platforms.

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